Chris Mackey
Chris Mackey is a recent graduate of MIT who has just received a dual degree for a Masters of Architecture and a Masters of Science in Building Technology.  His completed combined thesis between these degrees, which will test a new workflow to engage building geometry in sustainable architecture.  This workflow will include a process of rapid energy modelling with custom-coded tools, digital fabrication of large-scale mockups of building elements, and physical testing of such mockups in the climactic conditions of the real world.  His work experience over the course of his education has ranged from being a remote sensing researcher at Yale University, to a designer at an architecture firm, to an energy modeler and tool developer at an engineering firm.  In his free time, Chris is an avid coder and contributor to the Ladybug and Honeybee environmental analysis plugins for grasshopper and is in the process of adding several new tools to the suite that will allow for in-depth comfort analysis.